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Kissing Kourami

The full-service Brand & Webflow digital agency in Tokyo and Geneva

For over a decade, we have been at the forefront of the graphic design landscape, shaping the visual identities of diverse clients. From logos to corporate identities, publishing design, eCommerce solutions, and illustrations, our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Deliver best-in-class digital experiences

Our clients, ranging from organizations and agencies to prominent personalities, have entrusted us for more than 15 years. They value our creativity and communication expertise, citing our efficiency, responsiveness, and attentive approach as key differentiators. Throughout every project, we prioritize delivering quality service, standing by your side, and addressing your queries promptly.

Line animated design
Design title

Crafting Visual Narratives with Precision

Kissing Kourami brings your vision to life, crafting compelling visual narratives that leave a lasting impact. Our design philosophy is rooted in a seamless fusion of Swiss precision and Japanese innovation.

Creative direction

Nurturing ideas into reality with a personal touch. Our creative direction is like a guiding hand, turning your concepts into authentic experiences that truly reflect your vision.

Brand & Digital Identity

Crafting a unique story for your brand. Our focus on brand and digital identity design helps create a consistent, recognizable presence that tells your story authentically across all channels.

UI/UX & Web Design

Making technology feel like a breeze. Our UI/UX design is all about creating digital spaces that not only look good but are also a joy to navigate, ensuring a friendly and seamless user experience.

Multilingual Website

Connecting your brand globally. Through multilingual website design, we break down language barriers, making sure your online presence communicates effectively with diverse audiences around the world.

Print & Packaging

Our print and packaging designs provide practical solutions. From magazines and cards to flyers and product packaging, discover compelling narratives that make your brand unforgettable.

Illustration & photography

From captivating illustrations to vivid photography, engaging videos, and lively animations, we add a touch of creativity to help your content stand out and connect with your audience.

Showcase of eCommerce Landing on laptop
Showcase of Brand Identity and different UI/UX Design elements on vivid green
Showcase of product packaging on grey stone
01  /  Loop - eCommerce Landing
02  /  Ptitfrais - Brand Identity & UI/UX Design
03  /  Aromance - Brand Identity & Packaging
Development title

Building Digital Experiences that Resonate

Kissing Kourami doesn't just design; we build immersive digital experiences that resonate with your audience. Our development team combines technical prowess with creative flair, ensuring your brand stands out in the digital landscape.

eCommerce Solutions

Streamline your online store with our eCommerce expertise. We specialize in practical solutions, integrating platforms like Shopify and Magento to enhance your digital storefront for seamless customer experiences.

Front-End Development

Crafting the face of your digital presence. Our friendly front-end development team focuses on user interfaces, creating engaging, responsive, and technically sound designs for optimal user experiences.

Web Applications

Building more than websites. We engineer robust web applications, offering practical solutions for enhanced user interactions and seamless functionalities that elevate your online presence.

SaaS Implementation

Unleash the power of Software as a Service (SaaS). We offer technical expertise in SaaS implementation, providing practical solutions to optimize efficiency, collaboration, and scalability within your business processes.

CMS Integration

Empowering your content management. Our team specializes in CMS integration, offering friendly and technical solutions that seamlessly integrate content management systems to enhance your website's flexibility and functionality.

Back-end System

The engine behind your digital experience. Our friendly yet technical backend system solutions provide the foundation for your website's performance, ensuring seamless functionalities, data management, and overall system efficiency.

Showcase of Web design & Shopify eCommerce on laptop
Showcase of Brand design & Shopify eCommerce displayed on laptop
Showcase of Web design & Shopify eCommerce on a laptop
01  /  Galian - Web design & Shopify eCommerce
02  /  Ultima - Brand design & Shopify eCommerce
03  /  Carré Lumière - Web design & Shopify eCommerce
Shopify Partner

Start your eCommerce project in Japan with experts.

From small to large-scale projects, from conceptualization to execution, we navigate the intricate landscape of eCommerce, providing comprehensive solutions. Our commitment is to transform your Shopify project into a seamless, user-centric experience, ensuring your success in the competitive online market.

A multi-lingual and cultural team

Our team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. Together, we form a dynamic force dedicated to delivering exceptional design solutions tailored to your needs.

Frequent collaborators with advertising and web agencies, Kissing Kourami is not just a studio but a hub of creativity. Our extensive network of external partners enriches our projects, infusing unique perspectives and skills. Each member of our team contributes their distinctive personality, creating an environment that fosters excellent, interesting, and fresh design thinking.

Yoren Geromin

Art director ― Used to work for Saatchi & Saatchi, Blue Infinity and Gyro International as a designer. Did creative direction for clients such as Nestle, UEFA, Japanese Tobacco, Easy Jet, Swatch, Hilton, Evian, Accorhotels, Cartier… A finest admirer of traditional Japanese culture. Speaks French, English, Japanese.

Ayumi Nonaka

Art director ― Worked as designer and art director for advertisement, food and fashion companies in Japan. Makes great brand concept, communication and design direction. Speak Japanese and French

Visun Le Duong

Art director ― Worked as a digital & print art director for agencies and clients in Paris, Tokyo and now London. Her clients include Boucheron, Lacoste, Printemps, vente-privee… Loves helping a client building his brand from scratch, layouts, white space and silly illustrations.

Thomas Prost

Senior Developer ― A full stack web engineer, born in France who worked in Tokyo, San Francisco and London. Enjoying creating websites for about 10 years, always focus on helping companies delivering great quality websites with a user first vision.

Design animation

Working together

At Kissing Kourami we follow a pragmatic approach where we combine your knowledge of your customer, product, or industry with our design expertise. Our development team combines technical prowess with creative flair, ensuring your brand stands out in the digital landscape. Let's chat and begin your Project Journey Together