The Koinobori

One of our favorite day in Japan is the National Children’s Day. Why ? Cause you can see a lot of Konobori riding the wind ! What ?

Koinobori (こいのぼり), meaning “carp streamer” in Japanese, are carp-shaped wind socks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Tango no Sekku, a traditional event which is now designated a Children’s Day. These wind socks are made by drawing carp patterns on paper, cloth or other nonwoven fabric. They are then allowed to flutter in the wind.

This day takes place on May 5. A lot of place in Japan, are decorated with koinobori from April to early May, in honor of sons and in the hope that they will grow up healthy and strong. Like many in Japan, we hung  our little Koinobori on Balcony. It’s just a little one, but we are looking for a big one for next year. These pictures was taken in end of March in Saga, a nice city in Kyushu, between Fukuoka and Nagasaki.

Kissing Kourami Postcard Campaign #02

After the success of the first postcard campaign, and because now you know all about this cute koinobori, you can ask us for get a koinobori postcard design by the studio. Just register your address and name at this page : koinobori postcard campaign, and wait your postbox. If your are a little bit lucky, you can win a nice Japanese traditional koinobori. This campaign is limited at 40 postcards to send (limited to 1/pers), 20 to take at the studio and 1 Koinobori (draw of a lottery), Until may 15.

In Japanese shops, we can have fun finding all kinds of products for this event. This is a little parts that we find :