Koinobori no Meishi

Our new business cards is arrived ! We want to share you this original design and style.

[image style=”wide” name=”off” link=”” target=”off” caption=””]https://www.kissingkourami.jp/wp-content/uploads/KIPF-P18-1.jpg[/image]

You know, we love koinobori, and we love you. So, we design a set of koinobori minicards with different style and colours just for you ! All cards represents a Koinobori on the face and our contacts behind. Anyone can chose between 10 colors. We distribute our cards in coffee and shop arround shibuya. Also, we are always happy to see our clients and new contacts choose the between colours, when we offer it. Which colours you like ? Oh, by the way, If you don’t know what is a koinobori, you can check on our last post on this blog.

[image style=”wide” name=”off” link=”” target=”off” caption=””]https://www.kissingkourami.jp/wp-content/uploads/KIPF-P18-4.jpg[/image]